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They know me! *grin*

You Crave Fame

No doubt about it, you want to leave your mark on the world.

For you, it would feel tragic to live your life and never be remembered or recognized.

You don't want fame for fame's sake, but you would like to be known for who you are and what you do.

You'd like to truly influence the lives of others, and being famous is one of the quickest ways to do this!

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IC: This is Azazeal. If you need me, leave a message.

OOC: If you wish to contact Azazeal's mun for any reason, please leave a message here marked OOC and I'll answer as soon as I can.
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Can I help how they worded the questions?

You Are an Angel

You are a good person, even if you are a tad devilish from time to time. You do your best to do the right thing.

You may be an angel, but you're not a goody-goody. You just don't want to cross any moral lines.

You treat other people well, even if they don't want to treat you well in return.

Pat yourself on the back for being such an ethical person. There should be more people like you in the world!

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Your eyes may be whole
but the story I'm told
is that your heart is as black as night
your lips may be sweet
such that i can't compete
but your heart is as black as night

i don't know why you came along
at such a perfect time
but if i let you hang around
I'm bound to lose my mind
cuz your hands may be strong
but the feeling's all wrong
your heart is as black a night

Remiel had done well. The woman was perfect, and Azazeal had to admit that the lesser Grigori had a talent for seducing those while all the time letting them believe they were the seducers. This woman, Kelly, so hungry for sex had taken pleasure in corrupting a priest. At least that is what she believed. Instead, it had been the other way around, a demon corrupting her further and setting the stage to use her for their own means.

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OOC: Remiel/Jez is [ profile] priestly_demon, Kelly is [ profile] dontyouforgetit and is used with kind permission. Takes place before Mark and Alexa decide to have Kelly stay with them...because I'm such a slowpoke and am playing catch up! *g*
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Azazeal stands by a bench in a park, sipping a juice box and looking around at the birds chirping in the trees with if he's never seen anything like it before.

OOC: He has been smote
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Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his Azazeal.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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Jul. 10th, 2009 08:35 pm
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As those who I play with the most already know. I am going on vacation tomorrow for a month to the old homeland. Although I have my laptop, I still probably won't get much chance to do much RP-wise until after I get back on August 8.

If there is anything that I should see/be aware of/needs my attention, please leave a comment here, so I don't miss anything.


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Kein Mitleid lyrics )

All there was was darkness. So very far from the light he had known. Immobile, heavy chains bound him from head to foot, and on him, blocking out all, jagged rocks pressed against him. But that pain was nothing to the still searing agony in his back. Stumps. That was all Raphael had left him wings. The physical pain was nothing compared to the pain of humiliation and abandonment, nor the anger that was growing.

That anger fermented down in that abyss. From that anger came the hate. A hate so deep and unrelenting. Yes, the Grigori disobeyed Him, knowingly and willingly. They conspired, making a pact with each other to stand fast in their choice. But He had overreacted, he believed that. No trial, no appeal, just immediate judgement and execution. Because this torment, this punishment was execution indeed. He had stripped him of everything.

Love. A gift given by Him to His last creation, but denied to His Host. Knowledge shared with them condemned. Their children slaughtered as monsters. To be kept in the Abyss until Judgement Day.

No. NO, he would not!

In his rage and pain he screamed, long and loud, wishing that the sound could be carried all the way to Him and knowing it wouldn't.

Bones mended, reforming him into something else. Time passed, meaningless to him, but still too long. They came to him. Grotesque, broken wings dragging, two hundred who had Fallen with him worked to free him. The Grigori still his.

Freed, he gazed up out of the Abyss to beyond that which he could see. He ascribed to him all sin, then he would earn that responsibility. Earn it well.

Something called to him, and he turned to the darkness once more. With his Grigori around him, he walked towards the sound in full knowledge of what called and what his path now was.
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(OOC: Not connected to any RP. Meta comments always welcome.)

How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5

"So tell me more of these dark places that you go."

Azazeal had moved off away from the bar, so that Adela could speak in private with him, and to also watch how Bethany reacted to all the open sexuality happening all around her in the club, and especially with Emily who was now leaning close to her as Bethany still stared at him. The spark of first crush jealousy was all but flowing from her, and that pleased him no end. He stroked his long fingers down Adela's neck.

Cut for sexual situation and mention of drug use )
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On how I'll be roleplaying for at least the summer.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment on that post.


x-posted to other muse journals.
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He didn't understand it. One moment, he had happily been looking down at the girl and the next he had gasped in horror at the...the...thing in her mouth. His scream of pure fear was truly ear splitting, sending the girl reeling back in pain. But it was still there! Azazeal fled to the church, having with shaking hands -- and a cloth that provided a barrier between him and it -- put the monstrosity away.

His hands still shaking so much that he could barely light his cigarette, and even that unwanted reminder made him shudder. He just couldn't get rid of the complete fear even of thinking about it. It was just horrific, horrific enough that he was tempted to shed himself of this human body and revert to his demon form, but given that it truly was monstrous in that form, and he couldn't be sure that this...this phobia was only tied to human form, that fear could possibly render him completely useless.

As it was, he sat in a dark corner on one of the back pews, his legs crossed, trying to hide it from him. He had to get away from it.
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"When the angels present themselves, the devils abscond." - Arabic Proverb

When I first saw this, I was understandably annoyed. As well as being a complete untruth, I find it insulting at the very least that the appearance of an angel would make me, or any of my Grigori, leave and allow them the advantage.

But on further consideration, I'm really quite happy for humans to believe this ridiculous notion. If they feel the presence of an angel will protect them from a demon, I'm quite pleased to let them have that false sense of security. Considering how many misguided sheep there are out there who believe they have an angel watching over them, guarding them from harm and from evil, and how wrong they are. Angels do watch, I should know, I was a Watcher once, but that is all they are permitted to do, and then report to their Master on how well -- or not -- His sheep are behaving. It certainly isn't a one angel to one human ratio either. Not that I wish to defend my former brothers, but they really have better things to do.

So if a human thinks he is protected by his very own angel, then it can be an opportunity...and a pleasure shatter his illusions. So, after some thought, I do like this idea. It only helps to work to my, and my brothers', advantage.


Apr. 12th, 2009 09:35 am
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He is risen?

That's when the problems really started.

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"The God that holds you over the Pit of Hell, as much as one holds a spider or some other loathsome insect over the Fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked; his Wrath towards you burns like Fire; he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the Fire; he is of purer Eyes than to bear to have you in his Sight; you are Ten Thousand Times so abominable in his Eyes as the most hateful, venomous Serpent is in are thus in the Hands of an angry god, 'tis nothing but his mere Pleasure that keeps you from being a at this Moment swallowed up in everlasting Destruction." - Pastor Jonathan Edwards, from "A Joseph Campbell Companion" edited by Dian K. Osbon

The long distant past

They knew as soon as their hearts decided to go with the women, human and Fae, that they would be cast out. Two hundred, led by Azazeal and Shemyaza united together in their disobedience, not one Grigori would break ranks to save himself. Together they discovered the pleasures and desires that His other Creations were granted. They loved them, begot children on them, and a few -- the Fae -- closer kin than humans especially loved them in return. Among the first women that had approached was Perie, a young Sidhe, who had been the one to catch Azazeal's eye. They loved and made love as did all those around them.

Then came the men, and the Grigori befriended them, giving them knowledge that He had not revealed to them. Astrology, astronomy, maths, science, art, and the skills that Azazeal chose to share with them. To them he gave the knowledge of how to forge weapons and use them. To the women, he showed how to beautify themselves with cosmetics. And seeing His Creations with sword and kohl, He sent down the archangel, Raphael.

Bind Azazael hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl and cast him there.

There was no opportunity to defend themselves, no chance to explain. As his brothers fell, Azazeal fought with Raphael. The fight, long and brutal, with neither giving ground took them high into the sky. Even knowing the inevitable end, Azazeal refused to concede until he realized they were going so high, almost to Heaven itself, and that had been the archangel's goal all along. For then, as they broke apart, a searing pain tore into his back, and he could already feel himself falling. Bones were snapping and twisting as he tumbled out of control. He could feel Raphael following him as he tried to turn and face him again, but he couldn't. Before him, the earth opened up, and he fell into darkness, as the Lord had commanded. There, weakened from his Fall, and what was left of his wings a useless broken mass of bone and muscle hanging from his back, he lay on the ground. Craning his neck up, he saw Raphael standing over him, and before he could move, the last indignity as the remains of his wings were ripped off, leaving only bloody stumps. The rest was tolerable after that as he was chained onto the rock, jagged and rough rocks placed on top of him, and his face covered so that he could no longer see the light. Then came God's last pronouncement on him.

And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazael: to him ascribe all sin.

And there he was to remain until Judgement, where he would be cast into the fire. As he was punished Gabriel was setting the children of the Grigori to war with each other until everyone was destroyed. But the angels had forgotten one thing in their cleansing of the sins the Fallen had committed. The men lived and the women lived. Perie lived and would live for a very long time, and Azazeal had given her the secret of how to summon him when the time was right.


I laugh in the face of anyone, human or angel, who dares to lecture me on His love and benevolence. He is an angry god, an intolerant god, who when faced with something he does not like, throws a temper tantrum and throws all his toys away. He wants to keep you ignorant so that you do not question. He demands your love and obedience, but He does not care for you. What Father would punish him children so harshly for falling in lust love? He is vengeful, intolerant, and wrathful, and I am so amused at all those of you who cannot see that.
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(OOC: Takes place right before this post)

Followed you from dawn of time
Whispered thoughts into your mind
Watched your towers hit the ground
Lured your children never found
Helped your kings abuse their crown

In the heart of feeble man
Plant the seeds of my own plan
The strong and powerful will fall
Find a piece of me in all
Inside you all

Locked down tight

The rain fell steadily, but Azazeal didn't appear to be getting wet as he lit a cigarette and watched through the window at Jocelyn and her father talking. Soon, so soon, she would be leaving for the Fortunate Island to complete her training, coming another step closer to her inheritance and birthright. Slowly, Azazeal's plan was growing to fruition. Oh, it still had a way to go, but if there was one thing the Fallen Angel possessed in plenitude, that was patience, and the passing of years meant little to him.

He knew this was how it would be. Why else, after all these centuries, had he finally given Faelyn the clue -- the key -- to reviving her long dead husband, an answer which she had all the time. He had known the moment he had stepped into Jocelyn's nursery when she was but an infant and cradled her in his arms. That was when she became his. As much as his own son, Malachi, was. No, more. His son was half-demon to be sure, a fulfillment of a prophecy, but there was that human side that made him weak, unpredictable. And while Malachi was engaged in bringing End of Days about, his humanity could still let him down with bouts of conscience and caring. Not to mention Mephistopheles' interference in getting him pushed aside. Of course, he had his revenge on that demon by sending him on an endless tour through the various levels of Hell. He was still angry. Angry at after millennia of attempting to fulfill this prophecy, Lucifer did little more than cast him aside once his child was ready.

No one else knew his plan, and he intended that no one would until it was too late, but in the end, not only would Heaven be overthrown, but he would do the same to Hell. And that girl -- young woman -- currently laughing at something her father had just said, would be key. She might not be pure Fae, but it flowed into her from both sides from lines strong and ancient. Perie had once proposed they could have had a child together, a blend of demon and Fae blood, and quite rightly, he had dismissed it as being too dangerous. Such an offspring would be uncontrollable.

But Jocelyn...

Jocelyn was so obviously her mother's heir, and with the ambition and determination to match. She understood already the meaning of Power. He had known all that as he held her as an infant, and it had only become more and more obvious to him as she grew. Yes, he would use her to complete his own desires, but she would be more an ally than a puppet. Since his Fall, he had always held a soft spot for the Fae, especially the Unseelie. They were kin. When his plan succeeded they would rule together, Unseelie and Grigori, over what would be left of the remnants all the others.

Through the window, Jocelyn kissed her father goodnight and left. After a couple of more minutes, Azazeal turned up his collar, the rain now falling on him, wetting the shoulders of his coat and dampening his hair. He threw the cigarette aside and walked into the chateau, taking care not to trip any of Faelyn's wards.
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I do enjoy residing in my writer's head when she's at work. In the past, I have been known to make a comment which comes oh-so-close to getting her to laugh out loud when I notice some stupid human idiocy. Today was beautiful, though.

Now, there has recently been an epidemic of $20 notes with "Try Jesus" written on them.

However, she was ringing up a customer and after everything was finished, he wanted to ask my dear writer something. I could already feel her cringing...there is just something in the way such misguided people say that. Then he asked if she was interested in accepting His brat into her life.

Ah, my poor mun didn't know what to do, laugh, roll her eyes, or tell him exactly what she thought of the brat. And I'm sure Remiel and I didn't help by having a good laugh. In the end, she had to do the right thing, such a shame, as he was a customer and tell him, thank you but she wasn't interested or a Christian. To which the idiot still tried to engage her by saying neither was he....they are so fucking stupid. I never tire of it.

(OOC: Really happened today...while it's nowhere near the first time someone has tried to talk Jesus with me, it is the first time someone has done that in the BX, where I can't really tell them my own opinions on religion.)
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1. Make a list of your favorite things to see.

1. Malachi growing up.
2. Jocelyn de Rochefort
3. Faelyn de Rochefort preferably naked and sprawled out on her bed waiting for me.
4. Remiel causing trouble and not screwing up.
5. Mephistopheles suffering eternal torment.
6. Angels succumbing to temptation.
7. Quentin Tarantino film night.
8. Ella Dee being tortured.
9. Ella Dee dead (when it happens, it will be one of my favourite sights)
10. His downfall (again, when it happens)

(OOC: #2 & 3 refer to [ profile] faedefrance and [ profile] fannyfae respectively, and the ongoing rp with their writer, the rest are based on HEX canon.)
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Make a list of morals

1. That's very
2. hard to
3. do
4. when one
5. abandoned
6. them a very
7. long time
8. ago.
9. It was very
10. liberating.
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(OOC: Not connected to any RP. Meta comments always welcome.)

How Far The Humble Fall

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Follow You Down (by Gin Blossoms)

I know we're headed somewhere, I can see how far we've come
But still I can't remember anything
Let's not do the wrong thing and I'll swear it might be fun
It's a long way down when all the knots we've tied have come undone
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down

"Bethany! Where are you going?" The girl halted by the stairs at the sound of her mother's voice. She had hoped to get by without being noticed. It was too late, by her parents' standards for her to be going out even though it was Friday, and they would not approve of the clothes she was wearing -- that Ian had bought her - nor the thick make up she was wearing. Fortunately, her father had not arrived home yet, so she had only her mother to contend with.

"I'm just going to Jessica's. I might sleep over." There was a pause, and Bethany thought that her mother might just poke her head out of the kitchen, but instead she answered. "Okay love, but be sure to text me when you get there and when you leave for home."

"Will do, Mum!" She was almost out of the door when her mum called out again.

"And if you hear from Toby, tell him to call, he's been gone all day."

"Okay!" As quickly as she could she sut the door and headed down the drive of their mock Tudor detached. There at the end of the driveway, leaning so casually against the wall, was Ian. She smoothed down her mini skirt and hoped her makeup looked good as she walked towards him with a smile. "Hi."

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