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First the note. I'm the first to admit that I'm probably a little anal when it comes to locations, and the fact that Hex is set in England, in a beautiful stately home for the most part, even more so. I've been curious to find out where it was filmed, so I could have some idea of where in England Azazeal was (although as he can go pretty much anywhere, it really isn't that important to anyone other than my own self-satisfaction). Anyway Medenham Hall (the boarding school), I've discovered, is in fact Englefield House near Reading in Berkshire (just west of London), and the some of the external scenes in Season 2 were filmed in St. Albans in Hertfordshire (20-ish miles north of London). That fact alone gave me cause to squee as St. Albans is less than 15 miles from my hometown (and a gorgeous place steeped in history dating back to Roman times (Verulanium) with a beautiful Abbey).

So, as I do have some connection there, I've decided that the events in Hex (as far as my own writing is concerned) takes place in and around St. Albans with Medenham Hall situated just a few miles outside in Green Belt commuter country. Of course, Azazeal being who he is, is hardly limited to being stuck there and is likely to show up anywhere.


As for the surprised thanks. I wish to give my deepest gratitude for those who have nominated Azazeal for Outstanding Writing of a Male Deity over at [ profile] the_bigtammys. I was completely stunned at this, seeing as he is a brand new muse who has been around for less than two weeks! Thank you so much for not only noticing my fallen angel, but that he has clearly made an impact on someone, especially when he is in the company of some brilliantly written and well-established deities.

And yes, the Nephilim is impressed.

Edited for clarity.
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